Can smarter food environment increase intake of Fruit & Veggies?

See for your self July 4th 2017. 14:00‐16:00 at AAU Copenhagen Campus

Last modified: 19.05.2017

The event is part of the international educational mobility and exchange program VeggieEat. lead by Bournemouth University and with Aalborg University as one of the partners. Read more and  register here for the event.

The event, that is hosted by AAU and Danish Cancer Society, will be highly interactive in the sense that we will show some appetizers of how technology can help and how small nudges can assist in increasing intake. The main goal of VeggiEAT ( is to increase knowledge and understanding of the determinants of vegetable acceptability (liking), consumption/intake, through sensory characteristics and aspects of the eating environment across all age groups and institutional settings. For the first time research has been conducted which disaggregates vegetables from fruits and where data have been collected in real life settings from four countries, Denmark, France, Italy and the UK. The event is held in conjunction with the International Conference on Culinary Arts & Sciences (ICCAS17). Read more about ICCAS here 



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