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What is smart AquaPonics learning?

And at the same time create science literacy around the STEM principles?

Last modified: 15.04.2018

First insights from developing and testing the curricular and didactic components of the GrowingBlue&Green package has now been presented at the International Aquaponics conference at the University of Greenwich. The GrowingBlue&Green package is fitted with digital sensors to allow students to monitor the system in order to increase their skills in smart monitoring of biological systems. Field work has been carried done in cooperation with at Herstedlund School and Municipality of Albertslund by ViktorToth with the technical support of LasseCarlsen at Bioteket, Copenhagen. You can take a closer look at the first insights in the paper “Aquaponics in the classroom -  integrating STEM education and food literacy training in an elementary school”




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