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Danish researchers host symposium on Community Gardening at Growing in Cities

Three busy days in Basel that has just hosted the Growing in Cities summit. The conference attracted leading scholars in the area of gardning in cities from around the world.

Last modified: 11.09.2016

Danish reseachers were present. Four cases on strengths and weaknesses in urban community gardening were presented at the symposium."Community gardens as spaces for knowledge, learning & action" that was moderated by Bent Egberg Mikkelsen and Pernille Malberg Dyg.

The symposium took a look at both format formal and informal types of learning among kids in kindergarten, pupils in schools, citizens in community groups and the elderly in senior actions groups and discussed how the stakeholders in these settings can work together for mutual benefit and increased social cohesion.

You can download both the presentations and the abstracts from the symposiom below

  • School gardens in Denmark – organization and effects of the Gardens for Bellies school garden program, Pernille Malberg Dyg. Metropol University College, Slides. Paper
  • Seeding social capital? Community gardening and social capital, Søren Christensen, Tania Aese Dræbel. Zealand University College. Slides. Paper
  • Activity enhancing urban spaces – new green potentials for local action, Bent Egberg Mikkelsen. Aalborg University. Slides. Paper
  • Agronomical and collective knowledge: comparative analysis of two urban gardens in Greece, Vasiliki Giatsidou, Maria Partalidou. University of Thessaloniki. Slides. Paper 



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