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The Aalborg Model for good hospital food

French magazine Techniques Hospitalieres publishes article on the Aalborg Model for good hospital food

Last modified: 09.09.2017

Malnutrition in Danish hospitals is a major problem that causes decreased quality of life, poor treatment outcomes and increased cost due to increased length of stay. Taking into account that the cost of a stay in hospital is around 800 € per day and that annually more than 700,000 patients are admitted to Danish hospitals, prolonged length-of-stays are therefore very costly to the healthcare system. As a result, nutritional risk screening and follow-up have been introduced as a standard requirement in the Danish model for quality assurance model for hospitals. Aalborg University Hospital is one of the hospitals faced with some of the above challenges. Read more about how the University and the Hospital cooperate on developing effective strategies and how such strategies can taek advantage of digital tools. The artticle has been publsihed in Techniques Hospitalieres. It can be downloaded here


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