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Virtual food choice simulation

Last modified: 26.01.2016

Virtual Food Choice Simulation

The 3D based reality technology  - Virtual Food Choice Simulator (VFCS) can be used to create a virtual food environment. It can replicate buffets and supermarket without the cost of rebuilding and food. VFCS'en communication has been used in the study of consumer response to healthy box lines at the supermarket (Andersen et al., 2014). Based on questionnaires collected from customers in LIDL in a Copenhagen suburb, and their attitude to the possibility of having a healthy check out options a new design was developed for alternative layouts. The study found that only 10% of consumers had noticed the healthy check out aisles. VFSC was used to develop various designs that could spice up the look. It could. The new design was then tested in the virtual world among students and staff at AAU campus. The results showed that 83% of respondents with the new look became more motivated to use the new check out aisles (Cekatauskaite et al 2015).