EuroHPU - European Health Promoting Universities

Shaping the wellbeing of current and future generations through Health Promoting Universities

A Health Promoting University aspires to create a learning environment and organisational culture that enhances the health, well-being and sustainability of its community and enables people to achieve their full potential. This is the vision of the European network for Health Promoting Universities. The network consists of researchers, experts and administrators from European universities and aims at strengthening the role university can play in the health of the individual and the society as well as a sustainable development.

The healthy settings approach is not just about delivering interventions in a range of contexts – it adopts a whole system perspective and is concerned to make the actual places and social systems in which people spend their time supportive to health.

Growing rates of obesity and overweight, type II diabetes and other lifestyle related disorders have highlighted the importance of creating supportive environments and encouraging healthy behaviours. The rationale for seeking to enhance health through the range of settings within which people live their lives is based on an appreciation that health is largely determined outside of health services and that health underpins organisational and societal productivity – and driven by a realisation that investment for health can contribute positively to a setting’s performance and the delivery of its core goals.

EuroHPU Activities

The European Health Promoting Universities is a growing network among the activities are:

  • Fundraising for network support (COST, EAHC, etc.)
  • Interation and lobbying in relation to Bologna process
  • Planning of first EuroHPU network conference
  • Maintainance of EuroHPU website

About the project EuroHPU

Project start: 2011


Staff list

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