IPOPY (Innovative Public Organic Procurement for Youth)

The main focus in the project “iPOPY” (innovative Public Organic food Procurement for Youth) was on organic food served in schools and other public arenas for young people. A basic goal was to contribute to an increased consumption of organic food in Europe.

About 14 researchers from Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway and Germany participated in the project group. The iPOPY project collected, systemized and analyzed information about how school meals and other relevant food systems (e.g. music festival, military camps) are organized, and how organic food is integrated in these systems.
Each country has its own history and cultural background, explaining the huge differences in current school meal systems and use of organic products. There is much to learn from other countries, about their challenges and problems but also their good ideas and creative solutions.

About the project IPOPY

Project period: 01/02/2008 - 30/09/2010

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