The overall purpose of Food4Growth is to establish a network to connect researchers in the Nordic countries and China in order to advance research and education within the area of both public health nutrition and clinical nutrition and thereby strengthening the Nordic Centre’s research profile.

The establishment of the proposed network will contribute to development of new evidence based interventions and innovations in the area of public hospital food service provision through strengthened research cooperation among Denmark, Finland, Norway and China. The network will aim at capturing the potentials of hospital food and nutrition service to create value in terms of healthy and sustainable food production and consumption.

The Nordic Centre and hereby the Nordic partners will benefit from new insights in traditional Chinese approaches to mediating health through food, social capital and cultural values and the Chinese partners will benefit from new insights in the Nordic welfare model approach.

The present project will run from 2013-2015, but the network is expected to continue after this period. The main activities in Food4Growth will evolve around a knowledge hub, providing opportunities for knowledge brokering among practitioners, researcher from the participating institutions. The knowledge brokering will be staged in four multilateral workshops (each of two days).

Management team

The Food4Growth project has four partners (Denmark, Finland, Norway and China).

Coordination and decision-making for the scientific and knowledge transfer activities of the network will be provided by a Management Team.

The Management Team will be led by the Project Leader who is Professor Bent Egberg Mikkelsen (AAU, MENU, DK), and assisted by the Project Manager, Post.doc Chen He.

Management team members

Dr. Bent Egberg Mikkelsen,. Henrik Højgaard Rasmussen, Dr. Enni Mertanen, Dr. Øivind Irtun, Dr. Shuguang Li.

Responsibilities and duties of the Management team

The Management Team will comprise at least one representative from each country with authority to take both administrative and technical decisions on behalf of their organisation.

The team also includes the Project Manager. The team will be chaired by the Project Coordinator. It will meet at least once a year for the duration of the project.

The Management Team is responsible for all major decisions concerning the network including the scientific and knowledge transfer activities of the project.

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