Food & Science

Increasing science literacy through intelligent food experimentation

The Food’n Science program is an educational strategy for secondary school. The goal of the program is to strengthen the basic and cross disciplinary, experimental, digital, engineering as well as entrepreneurial skills among young people. The instrument to reach that goal is smart devices and sensor based food experimentation to contribute to learning about methods in primary and secondary school. It is structured around activities in relation to hands on food activities (HOFA’s) and is exploring the use of scientific experimentation with food, health and nutrition to encourage young people to embark on scientific careers, to increase “dietversity”, to increase food and taste literacy. The Food’n Science involves in its basic form the knowledge triangle – that is graduate and postgraduate students from the AAU food studies and establish important relations between these and teachers and students in primary & secondary schools. There is a particular emphasis on engaging in school based activities for instance through the natural science week and Mass Experiments. The Food’n Science favors experimentation promoting healthier and more sustainable diets. The Food’n Science program bring researchers closer to the general public and increase awareness of food, eating & diet related research and innovation activities. By using everyday life examples from food and eating and by being present at large events we will contribute to the public recognition of researchers and increase the understanding of the impact of researchers' work on citizen's daily lives.