Big Food Data

Last modified: 26.01.2016


There is a growing interest in consumer health as related to food, behaviour and lifestyle determinants. However, data is fragmented, key information is lacking, and the resulting knowledge gap prohibits policy makers and companies to provide effective public health nutrition strategies and reformulation of food products.

Along with 16 other European organisations Aalborg University is now conducting research in this field. Aalborg University’s Captive Foodscape Studies group will be responsible for coordinating phase 2 of the project and to look into the potential created by business-generated food data. AAU will also deliver insight of food lab generated data from its implementation of the Foodscape lab.

RICHFIELDS will design a world-class infrastructure for innovative research on healthy food choice, preparation and consumption of EU-citizens, closely linked to their behaviour and lifestyle. This unique research infrastructure will bridge the gap by linking the agri-food and nutrition-health domains and account for the regional and socio-economic diversity of the EU. The RI will be instrumental to produce a scientifically reliable, technically sound and socio-legally robust evidence base that enables scientists to efficiently collect, unlock, connect and share research data about EU citizens.

The consumer-focus and the scientific evidence of RICHFIELDS will, via its services, be available to:
(a) EU consumers and consumer platforms;
(b) stakeholders along the food chain, and;
(c) policy actors in the agri-food and nutrition-health domain.

Lead investigator for Denmark is Professor Bent Egberg Mikkelsen.

Om projektet Big Food Data

Project period 02/02/2015 → 31/01/2019


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