Meet the food designers of the future

Its all at the C40 side event at Rainbow Square/Regnbuepladsen close to Town Hall Square.

Last modified: 24.09.2019

Rethinking food systems? The climate debate has clearly shown that young people is an important source of inspiration for food systems rethinking. How can traditional waste streams be turned into value? How can we use digitalization to optimize food processes? How can we use insight into science principles to develop new products and services? And how can we use creativity and team building skills to stage innovation processes? In the Next Generation Food Makers Space workshop – a sidevent to the C40 summit - we invite pupils to contribute with design and creativity thinking in developing learning strategies and ideas for products and services. All edible of course. And all with a science and digital touch. Its all about developing 21st century skills and learn to deliver on some of societies urgent challenges – for instance in the food and bio economy sector. Meet us and see how bright young people meet the challenge in our mobile food lab. See & try out some of the smart learning stations that they have been doing as rapid prototypes. We will demonstrate four stations:

  • Robofood observatory – teach your LEGO EV3 to be your personal taste assistant
  • The Nitro-Detector - testing your VEGGIES for over fertilization
  • Smart Food Biometrics – using artificial intelligence to test the strength of a chili
  • Kålchi & Kimchi lab – control you fermentation to preserve vegetables & cut foodwaste

Next Generation Food Makers Space is arranged by Coding Pirates, Data Science House, iMotions, Digital Foodscape Labs, Aalborg University, University of Iceland and Alexandra Institute.