The purpose of dVice4Food is to strengthen the interdisciplinary cooperation among research groups in Denmark, Brazil, USA and China engaged in the development of intelligent devices that can be used for behavioural, dietary assessment and consumer research studies .The network will develop ideas for new devices by combining insights and equipment and will explore the transfer of applications from existing to new areas. Only by combining disciplines from across continents and scientific areas research can be advanced, stretching across the scientific domains of public health nutrition (PHN), behavioral science, foodscape studies (FSS), information & communication technology as well as studies in GIS & health.

The dVice4Food work will develop future collaborative projects on devices that can

  1. Automate dietary intake assessment studies and thereby allow for easy2use estimation of the nutritional as well as the food waste and climate impact of food consumption, and
  2. Simulate food environments such as supermarkets and buffets that can be used in the study of food choice and behavioural nutrition.

The expected outcome of the dVice4Food project will be the establishment of an exciting Danish American Chinese Brazilian cooperative that can facilitate mobility between research groups, develop strategic plans for future funding of common R&D projects, publish a state of the art paper and develop a joint PhD course in novel ICT assisted methods for measuring behavior.



Bent Egberg Mikkelsen, Aalborg University, professor

Thomas Baranowski, Professor, Baylor College, Houston, USA

Mingui Sun, Professor, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Rosangela A Pereira; associate professor Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

Jianqin Sun, Professorm Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Bent Egberg Mikkelsen
Professor of Nutrition & Public food systems
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15,
DK- 2450 Copenhagen SV
E-mail: bemi@plan.aau.dk