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How to use stereo cameras to determine food waste? How to train a machine to recognize food items on a plate? How to track in realtime food shopping by using card transactions? What was the outcome of the Richfields big food data project?

Last modified: 09.10.2019

These were some of the questions Alexandra Institute and Digital Foodscape Labs tried to answer when a Japanes delegation came to visit on 3rd of October. You can view the slides presented at the meeting by clicking the hyperlinks

Welcome to Alexandra Institute, FoodLab, Flemming Adsersen, CEO, Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence

Aim and role of Denmark and outcomes of the EU RichField project Big Food Data program. Bent Egberg Mikkelsen

The Dietary Intake Monitoring System. Version 1.0. Kwabena Titi Ofei. Post Doc AAU

Towards a DIMS version 2.0. Alexandre Alapetite, Software engineer, Alexandra Institute

The Consumer Co Creation Lab – how the Donate Your Data approach can give real time insight in consumer food patterns.  Bent Egberg Mikkelsen

Smart biometric sensing of consumer response to food, Mukti Chapagain, AAU/iMotions