Can i eat my city

How will my city become THE one and only eating city in the world?

Last modified: 08.05.2018

 Not an easy question. But good news is that the amount of papers on new insights in Urban Food Strategies is increasing. One example is the Aalborg foodscape case. Presented at the conference on CONNECTIONS AND MISSING LINKS WITHIN URBAN AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND FOOD SYSTEMS held at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, arrranged by RUAF and Faculdade De Ciências Sociais E Humanas. The Aalborg paper looks in particular into what role “green” food activities play in the development of city based food policies. Its entitled “Food & the City - the role of ”green” UA and UG strategies in the urban food strategy movement” and builds on the Campus’n Community program as well as the insights form the Aalborg Foodscapes study. The full proceedings of the meeting can be found here.


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