Tasting the digital

AAU's Digital Foodscape Lab put 6 smart devices for food literacy training on display. Come and try them out

Last modified: 29.08.2018

Food literacy (“maddannelse”) training is an important component of contemporary healthy eating learning approaches. The Taste & digital mini-exhibition is a demo of how ITC literacy and food literacy training among young people can be combined. It includes demoes of prototypes of the Virtual Home Economics Teacher, Food Dome Battle and RoboFood game, the growing Blue&Green smart urban micro-farm, the Chiliometer demo and the You Are what you Tweet intermezzo. The Taste & digital mini-exhibition is part of the Gastronarium and Universitarium programs that aims to build food literacy among young people and citizens using digital approaches. It is arranged by an interdisciplinary cooperation at Aalborg University led by Dept of Learning & Philosophy research groups SOUL & TANT together with AAU SMILE and AAU- CMI groups. The exhibition is presented with technical support from iMotions, Mediaathand. LEGO and Herstedlund school.

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