Big Foodservice - Less Foodwaste

Food waste is significant problem and its estimated that in the EU 20 percent of the total food produced is lost or wasted.

Last modified: 01.09.2019

Public and commercial foodservices is an area where it has been demonstrated that publicly lead policy and action can make a difference. The Big Foodservice – Less Waste alliance took the World Food Summit as an opportunity to present Danish experiences when it comes to fighting food waste through development of methods, standards, formats, statistics and interfaces for food waste monitoring in the out of home eating sector. It includes software developers, large scale kitchen operators, data storage experts, consultancies and university. The seminar was chaired by Bent Egberg Mikkelsen, Professor at the Digital Foodscape Labs at Aalborg University. Slides from the seminar that took place Thursday August 29 at Børsen in Copenhagen, can be downloaded through the links below.

An industry standard for measuring & monitoring of food waste in foodservice – the Big Foodservice Less Foodwaste alliance, Bent Egberg Mikkelsen, Professor, Aalborg University

How to measure food waste in foodservice the smart way, Mette Toftegaard Rasmussen, chief consultant eSmiley

Measuring food waste in large scale kitchens – this is how we do. Birte Broson, Brorson Conusltancy

Converting food waste data into climate equivalents – a walk in the park? Michael Søgård Jørgensen, assoc professor, AAU - CPH

Setting up a national metric for food waste data in large scale food service? – lessons learnt from the case of the Danish organic foodservice monitoring, Martin Lundø, Senior Consultant, Statistics Denmark

The Snowflake approach to extend shelf life by monitoring food safety conditions in cold room storage. Ricki Mae Melchior. Digital Entrepreneur. Danfoss. 

Food waste in big scale kitchens – the Brazilian experience. Maria Beatriz Bley Martins Costa, CEO of Planeta Organico and chair of Green Rio & Antonia Regina Pinho, Executive Director, Mesa Brasil, SESC RIO.




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