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There is a need for a broader understanding of public health, which draws on people's daily lives arenas where the focal point is on everyday life activities and how social interaction and movement can support inclusion and promote health and quality of life. There the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Aalborg University and a number of other academic partners had arranged an International conference on Better food, better health, better urban spaces. The conference had attracted nearly 80 participants and had speakers from four continents. Slides has now been uploaded.

Last modified: 13.09.2016

Opening lecture. Cities for better food & health, Jo Jewell, WHO Europe Office.

International Activity- and health enhancing Physical Environments Network. René Kural, lector, KADK

Relationships between the built environment and health with a particular focus on active transport and even organized physical activity.  Jens Troelsen, ProfessroActive Living, University Southern Denmark

Cities Changing Diabetes Helle Søholt, CEO, Gehl Architects

The role of the built environment in healthy aging: Community design, physical activity, and health among older adults. Jacqueline Kerr, Professor, Family & Preventive Medicine, University of California, USA

Body and the city - theories of the body towards the active city..Antonio Borgogni, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy

Innovative prevention in local communities - principles for an intersectoral approach. Bjarne Bruun Jensen, Professor, Steno Centre

Foodscape Walkabouts & Urban Songlines. Visual and Participatory tools for planning of community food programs – case of Health & Local Community and Ellebjerg programs. Bent Egberg Mikkelsen, professor, Aalborg University

The Children’s Healthy Living Program from the US Affiliated Pacific region. Rachel Novotny, professor, University of Hawaii, USA

B’More - Healthy Communities for Kids (BHCK). Joel Gittelsohn, professor, John Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA


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